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The elderly health care situation in the UK

There is an increase in the number of elderly people in the United Kingdom. This means that there is a need for the government to come up with ways to ensure that this increasing population is well catered for in terms of health. However, there seems to be a problem somewhere because according to experts there is a high number of an elderly person who cannot access high quality elderly health care. It is estimated that almost one million elderly people cannot access good health care as a result of the withdrawal of social care that is funded by the government. 

According to a leading charity organization Age UK, almost nine hundred thousand people in England with ages between 65 and 89 have social care needs that are unmet. However, officials in the organization belief that this number might be almost one million by now. Despite that the issue of social care among the elderly was a hot topic during the election campaigns; the issue has become unpopular among the leaders. According to Carol Abrahams who is the chief executive Age UK, this might be the case most of the politicians are too young to focus on such an issue.  Continue Reading