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Cancer is the biggest killer disease of modern times

Cancer is one of the diseases that every person fears in modern times. Cancer has become the biggest killer not only in the United Kingdom, but also in the entire world. The idea of a mutation spreading in the entire body is something that many people would not want to think about. The most worrying this is that there is no guaranteed way of preventing it from occurring. This is a disease that can strike at any time without any warning symptoms. 

When you get cancer, it means that the DNA of a cell has mutated and it means that if it splits through mitosis to develop a new cell, the damaged DNA will be copied into the new cell making it to spread over time until the entire areas become cancerous or there is formation of tumours. All the cancers are not the same because there are some that are more dangerous than others. Here are some of the top killer cancers. 

Lung cancer

Studies have shown that lung cancer account to 28.3 percent of all cancers reported deaths in the United Kingdom. Globally this type of cancer is responsible for almost one and a half million deaths in a year. It is characterised by growth of cell in the lung tissues and all the nearby tissues. Common treatments of this cancer include radiotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy that aim to remove the cancerous cells or control their proliferation. The primary cause of this problem in the UK is smoking which accounts for almost 15 percent of all the lung cancer cases. Other causes include exposure to radon gas, pollution and asbestos.  Continue Reading