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Major Men’s Health Care Issues in the UK

Men in the United Kingdom are paying the price of ignoring their health. It is estimated that more than one hundred thousand men in the United Kingdom die prematurely. One average, men have low rate of attending for medical check-ups compared to women in the United Kingdom. It is vital to be aware on the changes that occur to your health and regular medical check-ups to recognise when there is something that is not right. This article presents some of the men’s health care issues and symptoms that should not be ignored. 

Lump on the testicle

Testicular cancer is one of the common cancers that affect men aged twenty to thirty five years. It is estimated that almost two thousand men are diagnosed with this type of cancer each year in the United Kingdom. In case you recognise an abnormality or lump in your testicles it is good to seek medical care fast. It is good to note that most of the testicular lumps do not represent symptoms of cancer, but it is good to have any abnormalities checked. This is necessary because the treatment for testicular cancer is more successful where the cancer is diagnosed early.  Continue Reading