Simple steps to improving your mental health

mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. When facing stressful times in our life, we may feel overwhelmed, and this can affect our mental health. They are mostly related to how we think and feel which can lead to anxiety, stress or depression. To help improve your mental health, we’ve come up with some ideas below.




Create a balance in staying indoors and spending time outdoors. Now that it’s summer, it’s the perfect time for doing activities outdoors. Even as simple as going for a walk can improve your mental health. The sun provides us with vitamin D which aids depression.




Take 8 cups of water every day to prevent dehydration and help improve your concentration. Many people often forget to drink water throughout the day. To help with your water intake, you can either bring a bottle of water or even set the alarm for reminders.


healthy meals

Healthy Meals

Healthy meals will fuel our body with the right nutrients which helps improve our energy throughout the day. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. If you missed your breakfast, you would most likely have burnout and loss of energy. So it’s essential to fuel your body with healthy foods first thing in the morning. It’s recommended to eat a healthy balance of protein, carbs, vegetables and fruits.



Avoid multitasking

If you have too many projects at once, try to work on them one at a time or split your schedule by appointing tasks at different times of the day. You want to avoid multitasking as this leads to stress and can affect your mental health.


mobile phone

Spend less time on the phone

Spending too much time on your phone can lead to depression. Try to reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone even if this means spending an hour every day. Looking at a screen for too long can leave your brain drained which affects concentration and energy level.

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