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Types of Cosmetic Surgery & The Benefits

laser skin treatment

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular with each passing year. Advances in technology have made many procedures common that were unthinkable 20 years ago. These procedures are performed at a health clinic or a hospital. Here are some of the most common cosmetic procedures:

Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

This is the most popular procedure in all of the cosmetic surgery. Breast implants were invented back in the 1960s. They have come a long way since then. Also known as a mammoplasty, the procedure is performed to enhance a woman’s breast size by the insertion of saline implants. It can also be done to balance the size of both breasts or to correct a reduction in breast size after pregnancy.

Aside from improving a woman’s physical appearance, breast augmentation can also improve a woman’s self-esteem. Many women who believe their breasts are too small suffer from a lack of confidence. Thanks to this procedure, they can have the figure they always wanted.

Laser Skin Treatment

Also known as laser skin resurfacing, this procedure uses a laser to eliminate the appearance of facial scars and wrinkles that are caused by the ageing process. This is done with the use of a carbon dioxide laser that produces an infrared light. This light vaporises the damaged skin’s upper layers at controlled and precise levels of penetration.

This procedure allows people to regain the youthful appearance that most people desire. However, it is not only performed on older adults. It is common for individuals in the business would get this procedure to avoid younger people taking their jobs. Many companies put an emphasis on youth, so people get laser skin treatment to stay ahead of the curve.

Botox Injections

Botox injections are another incredibly popular form of cosmetic surgery. Botox is a trade name for a neurotoxic protein called botulinum toxin. This protein is capable of removing facial creases, wrinkles, lazy eye, uncontrolled blinking and a severely furrowed brow. The elimination of these facial abnormalities can give people added confidence. It also allows them to feel that they are on a more even playing field with people younger than them.

In addition to their use in cosmetic procedures, Botox is also commonly used to treat migraine headaches, neuropathy, chronic pain, excessive sweating, writer’s cramp and cervical dystonia.


Liposuction can be performed on many parts of the body to remove areas of unsightly fat that are difficult to get rid of through exercise. Many people have this procedure carried out on their abdomen. There are various factors which can have a direct impact on the success of liposuction, such as the sex and age of the patient, history of pregnancy and the amount of fat on their abdomen. It is also common for people to have liposuction on their thighs, back and buttocks.

Thanks to liposuction, people can have a thinner appearance without spending endless hours in the gym. There are also liposuction procedures that will enhance the look of a person’s abdominal muscles, allowing them to have six-pack abs without doing a single stomach crunch.

Hair Transplant and Restoration

This procedure, also known as hair grafting, involves the moving of a person’s hair follicles from one part of the scalp to the part that is balding. After the follicles are implanted in their new location, they will eventually grow hairs that are perfectly normal. In many cases, these new hairs are healthier and stronger than the hairs that surround them.

A person’s hair, especially a man’s, is critical to their confidence and self-esteem. Men suffering from baldness will often become more withdrawn. This procedure can give them the hair they had in their youth.

If you have questions about these procedures or any others, schedule a consultation at your local health clinic.