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Using a Sports Health Professional to Recover From Your Injury

Injury rehabilitation can be a difficult thing to go through for anyone, even if you have good support from people around you. You may be itching to get back into professional sports, especially if this is the basis of your career, or you may just need to recover fully before you can get on with the rest of your life.

What you may not initially realise is the number of different sports health professionals who could potentially contribute to you making a full and speedy recovery. A few different types of professionals who may be able to help may include the following.


Qualified physiotherapists may be educated to degree level or beyond, depending on their specialism, and may even be in the process of training to become a doctor. If you’ve suffered a sports injury, especially a musculoskeletal one, they will usually come up with a bespoke exercise and treatment plan to help you gradually recover.


In order to offer advice and treatment to people with spinal injuries, long term conditions or pain from various causes, qualified chiropractors must complete four years of specialised training to earn their doctorate. This is due to the highly complex nature of many spinal conditions and the broad range of potential consequences. A chiropractor will be essential in your recovery from any serious back problem.


An orthotist will specialise in body movement, offering a broad range of treatment options and assistance for people with mobility issues resulting from injuries or other conditions. Arthritis, cerebral palsy and stroke patients may be among the people who consult orthotists, but if you’ve suffered an injury that affects your movement temporarily you could be assigned a professional orthotist to help you.


Osteopathy is focused on muscular and joint problems, so depending on your injury, a professional in this field may be the best person to aid your recovery. Primarily using stretch techniques, massage therapy and physical exercises to improve muscle and joint function gradually, osteopaths may be considered somewhat alternative in their approach to healthcare by some professionals, but the results are often very positive.


Foot injuries are obviously among the most common in sports, so podiatrists are often able to offer valuable treatment to these patients. Since recovery from such injuries can require a combination of surgery and several follow up treatment programmes, podiatrists study for a full doctorate before completing several years of additional training. This gives them the required knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat foot problems, including potentially complex injuries resulting from sports accidents. As with all the professions listed above, consulting with a doctor is the best way to determine whether you need the help of a podiatrist or another sports health professional.

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