What to consider before undergoing plastic surgery


With the wealth of low-cost plastic cosmetic surgery available in both international and local markets, the temptation to just jump in and get that dream surgery of yours could be overwhelming. All of a sudden, you can easily get bigger breasts, a flatter tummy, a more shapely body, and a miraculous disappearance of wrinkles on your now flawless face. But you have to take caution. Plastic surgery, if not performed correctly, can leave you with results that would have you living a lifetime of regret.


As well as determining the cost, surgeon, clinic, and the type on procedure you want, you will need to think and research whether you need cosmetic surgery and are there other alternatives that you could try. For example, if you’re suffering from hair loss, have you heard of nonsurgical hair replacement? If you’re considering Botox to banish wrinkles, have you really tried good quality anti-wrinkle creams or found any nonsurgical procedures? The options are endless if you research properly.


Inexpensive cosmetic surgery can be attractive on our wallets but dangerous to our bodies. The first thing to consider before going plastic surgery is your surgeon. There has been a misconception that cosmetic surgery is only expensive when it is performed by a licensed, highly-qualified surgeon. And therefore, if you resort to procedures carried out by competent non-surgeons, you can still achieve the results you want at a considerably cheaper cost. This is not always true. Qualified plastic surgeons don’t always charge high professional fees. (Of course, the more experienced and established the surgeon is, the higher his rates.) All you have to do is to look for a plastic surgeon in trusted hospitals and clinics and make sure that they are indeed qualified and competent to perform the procedure—you have the freedom to canvass whatever professional fee you can afford. Don’t put your health and physical appearance at risk by chasing after non-licensed medical practitioners that will most likely give you sub-standard operations. Many resources will lead you to contact board-certified doctors that will perform a successful yet affordable cosmetic surgery.


It is well known that affordable cosmetic surgery can be found abroad and if you have researched a high-quality clinic and a qualified surgeon you still may need to consider the cost of medical translation. Medical terms can sometimes be too technical to understand, and the surgeon may not speak much English. Therefore a translator will help you understand the procedures, and you can communicate easily with the surgeon about any concerns.


Before undergoing plastic surgery, you also need to determine the costs. Don’t be deceived by low prices that carry with them hidden or surprise charges. Some clinics will advertise a really low price for a particular procedure. And once you’ve availed of it, you will be charged extra fees for miscellaneous items. Before you know it, you’ve paid the same regular cost or even higher than hospital-based operations. Make sure that the prices already include the surgeon’s fees, the medications, the medical tests, the anaesthesia fees, and the operation’s miscellaneous fees. You can also ask if there could be payment plans that you can avail of so that the procedure doesn’t have to be that heavy in your pocket. Another consideration is the recovery time. Operations require periods of time for the patient to recover. Make sure you have enough free time to cover these. After surgical operations, the recovery period is crucial.


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